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Merino wool clothing NZ | Fashion gallery

Merino wool clothing NZ
| Fashion gallery

   Merino Clothing 
Fashion collection  

Merino cardigans, dresses, leggings, merino hoodies, skirts & more

Merino Clothing Tops NZ | Basics gallery

Merino Clothing Tops NZ
| Basics gallery

 Merino Knitwear NZ 
Basics collection  

Merino tops, scoop neck tops, crew neck tops, vee necks, rolls and more.

Velocity New Zealand wool clothing brands 
2014 Collections


Showcasing new winter weight merino knitwear blends and floral patterns.  This collection we also introduced merino; leggings, tights & pants

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Styles that made Velocity the leading NZ womens merino clothes brand


Showcasing merino knitwear crew neck tops, scoop necks & merino tunics in floral patterns to enhance the Basics Collection

Velocity Clothing  | New Zealand Made Clothing Brands

 Velocity's all black clothing label is one of the few premier NZ clothing brands
made entirely here in New Zealand using our finest NZ Merino Wool.
We are a New Zealand made clothing company that prides ourselves on supplying a 100% Made in NZ approach to the Velocity brand, and we strive to use only the finest quality New Zealand Merino wool in all our garments. 

Velocity NZ clothing stockists

Velocity NZ clothing stockists

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Velocity Merino Clothing NZ is proudly designed, made and distributed in Christchurch, New Zealand by clothing company J. Tilley Agencies; manufacturer, wholesaler & supplier.